Hey there! I am Katie and the owner of Hatched! I am an adventurous girl to the core and spend my days dreaming of travel and different business ideas. Most days though, you can find me at Hatched helping other women pursue their dreams or running after my wild twin 3 years olds at the beach. I am mostly known for being able to throw together a last minute dinner party and making it feel like I had been planning it for months. People refer to me as a story teller who talks a little too much, but listens well and gives great advice. 

My goal is to motivate women to pursue what gives them joy! I provide a safe place for women to explore their creativity, provide face to face connections and coach those who can’t figure out how to build their passion into a business. I am lucky enough to inspire each of them with tools i’ve learned along my journey as an entrepreneur for over 11 years. 

If you’re dying to know more, here’s 5 things you might not know about me:

1. Hatched is a culmination of my past five entrepreneurial adventures. Each professional journey (wedding coordinator, event producer, custom furniture maker, florist and caterer) has gifted me with the skills, experience, and motivation to create Hatched!   

2. I traveled the world as a private chef on yachts. Yes, like the show Below Deck! 

3. I am an avid DIYer. I end up making and doing almost everything on my own! 

4. I am crazy about food and the role it plays on my kiddos health and behavior. Because of that, I make everything from scratch (thank you catering experience).  Yep, they will probably be the binge candy eaters in 10 years!  

5. If I could make a difference in any young girls life, I would let them know they are perfect just as they are. 

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What the heck is HATCHED anyway?

Hatched Collective is boutique studio for entrepreneurial women in San Diego, CA to come get inspired, launch, and grow their business. 

It feels like home when you’re here. It’s a place where you can feel comfortable to come in and work without judgement. It’s a collaborative space to learn new things, help yourself grow, and feel supported through entrepreneurship, creativity and beyond.

We want to help make your life better, as a business owner and as individuals. You can be yourself here because you’re supported through every stage of life and business through mentorship, classes, workshops and meet ups with fellow inspiring women. 

Who is it for?  

What HATCHED women have in common is an inner drive to pursue what it is that makes them happy. They have big ideas and value working in a collaborative space with other entrepreneurs. The power of women who come together to support each other equals an unstoppable power house and that is who Hatched is for!