Introducing: Kelly Brown!

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I am so excited to introduce an amazing creative lady and mom boss, Kelly Brown, owner of Kelly Publication Relations! Kelly came to me before even opening Hatched and asked, "how can I help, how can I support your vision?"

She believed in my story and also believed in the fact she had something to offer and let me tell you.....she has something big to offer. Kelly decided to take a leap and leave the comfort of a position she had held for over 10 years and go out on her own. She didn't know if she could do it, but she went for it. Just that move, of saying YES I CAN DO IT is magical and i hope you all can learn a little something from Kelly's experience, both in PR and now as an entrepreneur.  

  1. Great things don't come from comfort zones. Push past what you know, and take risks. In PR we always need to put ourselves out there, like calling up a media contact that you’ve never met in person for a lunch or coffee date or going to a networking event solo. Even when its awkward, it almost always pays off. I also encourage people to keep learning. My industry is fast paced and always changing, you have to be able to adapt and stay ahead of the curve. I’m constantly reading articles and researching areas of interest that I’m not an expert in. 
  2. Edit. Ruthlessly edit out what is not serving you. Make sure the most important things to you get the biggest piece of you. If there is a business or personal relationship that is taxing on your time and efforts - end it. (Amicably of course, never ever burn bridges). If your business is taking up 90% of your day and family is missing out, you need to edit out the things that aren’t completely necessary. So sometimes that means saying no! And that’s ok. Setting healthy boundaries leads to a healthy family life and a healthy business. Working for myself has been great so far because I’m able to pick and choose the things I do outside of work hours. So when I do take time away from my family I value the time and know it is serving my business, which serves my clients in return. 
  3. Ask others for help. Talking to other business owners, especially women, is invaluable. The network and support you receive in return will not only make you a better business owner but you will build community along the way. Hatched Collective is a great resource for like-minded women to share ideas and network. I think I’ve met more empowered female entrepreneurs in the past month than I have in the past year! Hearing their stories is inspiring. As moms and business owners we have to wear so many hats so it definitely takes a village to support each other, offer advice, and be each other’s cheerleaders. Women who support other women, and don’t view them as competition, are my kinda people. 
  4. Be authentic. When I started envisioning what my business would look like I decided I just wanted to be me. Not the publicist who I thought I should be. I'm a mom to 2 wild boys, I'm obsessed with holistic living and I really really love my job. So I'm going to share all that on social media and in my work. I think my clients appreciate knowing more about me than my expertise in the industry. 
  5. I don't really prescribe to "the glorification of busy”. So often in our culture we like to “brag” about how busy we are. That’s not a life goal for me. As moms we are so busy as it is, we legitimately have every minute of our day filled already! Throw owning a business into the mix and you have yourself a never-ending to-do list. Keep it moving and take every opportunity to work hard during the week so you can play hard in the after-hours. I got a tip recently to book out my meetings for certain times on designated days. This has been tremendously helpful in scheduling my work days so once those slots are filled - they are filled! 


Get to know Kelly more:

With over a decade of industry experience, Kelly Brown, Founder of Kelly Public Relations, is a seasoned Southern California PR expert, mama to 2 boys and wellness enthusiast. Kelly is a graduate of San Diego State University with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Marketing. As the former director of a boutique lifestyle agency in sunny San Diego, she has earned a reputation for her expert storytelling and trained eye for “the hook”. Kelly has curated local and national PR campaigns for premier design, fitness, spa, hospitality and e-commerce industries. Past client experience includes Kiehl's Since 1851, Barry's Bootcamp, BASILE Studio, Spa Greogrie's, GoFit, Cohn Restaurant Group, Xtend Barre, Urban Kitchen Group and more. Kelly has amassed media coverage in national and regional publications including the New York Times, LA Times, Men’s Journal, Women’s Health, Modern Luxury, Sunset Magazine, C California Style and has worked with national TV networks including The Today Show, CNBC, E!, The Food Network, TLC and more. She is fiercely loyal to her clients, results-driven, and has an expert ability to imbue the brand voice while simultaneously garnering top placements. Learn more at or follow along on Instagram - @kellypublicrelations.