Build Your Brand Conference: The Power of Building Your Community

I seriously believe it is vital for any size of company to be able to deeply connect with their community & ideal audience. I know a lot of entrepreneurs who are confused by exactly what I mean by building community and if community is even possible within your own brand.

During the Build Your Brand Conference 2018, we not only proved it was possible to create community for any brand but enforced how critical it is to speak to your ideal clientele. Think about each brand you love. YOU are the community, you are the fan base they have won over, you are investing and supporting THEM!

At the conference, we uncovered all the resources, tips, & tricks to guide entrepreneurs to build their communities with the people who are their fan base and ultimate supporters.

We investigated three different areas of community: Defining, Connecting and Engaging. Here’s a quick glance as to what each track was about:

Trying to get clear on what you're building? Who your business is for and understanding what some of your first moves need to be? Join us here to define all of the above.

Trying to get clear on what you're building? Who your business is for and understanding what some of your first moves need to be? Join us here to define all of the above.

Let's say you've gotten clear on what you want, you know who you're wanting to sell to, but you are ready to grow and connect with that clientele. This is the track for YOU!

Let's say you've gotten clear on what you want, you know who you're wanting to sell to, but you are ready to grow and connect with that clientele. This is the track for YOU!

You've been in business, you've been operating it for a while, but you're looking to scale that audience and really figure out how to market to them. You don’t want want to miss this track!

You've been in business, you've been operating it for a while, but you're looking to scale that audience and really figure out how to market to them. You don’t want want to miss this track!

So, let’s get down to business and get you that up close and personal view of the day of the conference!

Image by    Brogen Jessup

Image by Brogen Jessup

As the women piled into Herb & Wood in Little Italy, San Diego we all couldn’t help but smile from excitement for all that was to unfold.

First things first, before we got down to Business, the ladies fueled themselves with some breakfast bites and got their lovely swag bags from our amazing sponsors!

Images by Brogen Jessup

Thanks to Loren from Four Things Paper, we were also able to get their creative juices flowing and break the barriers for networking!

Images by    Brogen Jessup

Images by Brogen Jessup

When we were putting the conference together, I wanted to set some serious ground rules for these ladies because I knew we couldn’t possibly be productive without eliminating our own judgments, fears, and being open to all the new information and people we were going to meet!

Conference RULES:


When all of us got on the same page, we began with identifying exactly why each of us where there and what our purpose was behind our businesses. We needed to start the day knowing who we were in order to know who our ideal clientele is.

We all have different motivations behind what it is we do, this is why you'll never be in competition with someone else. Inspire people with your reasoning behind your idea instead listing our your services. Checking in with our motivation, our WHY, will allow us to get back to what really matters the most. 

So, we started with understanding our WHY! You know the funny thing is about understanding our “why” with our businesses, is that it is always changing. It is always evolving. When I stepped into entrepreneurship 12 years ago, my “why” was to do things on my own terms. Then it morphed into travel & being on boats. Then it morphed to living in an apartment by the water… and it goes on and on until my “why” turned into just wanting to be an inspiration to other women, to be able to provide them the resources they need to succeed and thats how Hatched was born!

With knowing ourselves, our intentions, and the true story behind what we are doing, can we truly connect with our own business/brand, which in turn lets us truly connect to our communities.

Images by Brogen Jessup

So, what does it mean to be a leader and especially a leader to a community?

This is where we brought in Bethany Wymore of Soul Church San Diego. With her incredible background of creating community and her fierceness, we knew she would be a perfect fit to the conference.

Here are 3 key important tips we took out of Bethany’s talk:

  1. Start by Leading Yourself

  2. Be Aware of Your Influence

  3. Stay Focused on the Goal

Images by Brogen Jessup

After Bethany’s talk we went straight into visualizing our future selves, intention setting for the day, & the art of listening to others’ stories.

Here is why we incorporated these exercises into the conference:

  • Visualizing your future self, the place you want to be at, and the person you are striving to become can you give you the opportunity to tap into the feeling it is going to take to become that person. Once you have a visual on what it is you want, you get to see who that person needs to be in order to have it.

  • Intention Setting helps you feel purposeful & really gets your sights set on what you want to walk away with at the end of the day. When we give awareness to what we want or need by just actively thinking about it or taking it a step further and writing it down - we are allowing the things we want to come to live. We are allowing ourselves to move forward with purpose.

  • Being able to express yourself is extremely important in your professional and personal life, but being a good listener will gain you way more trust with whomever you are speaking to. When you truly listen to someone, without trying to fix them, it allows them to be seen and heard. When you feel heard, you feel safe and understand, which in turn makes the other person want to listen to what you have to say. 

Images by Brogen Jessup

Did you know how important movement is for entrepreneurs!?

Keara Christine from Babes Who Sweat tells us: “The best way to create momentum in your life is to create a morning routine that feels good to YOU. Most of us tend hit snooze a few too many times then dive straight into work or social media after we wake up. This causes us to wake up restless with a huge surge of cortisol and (for most of us) creates a ton of anxiety.

When you feel good, you are more willing to get things done and have a positive outlook on the world around you. Creating and implementing your own Mindful Morning Movement will allow your body and mind to wake up before diving straight into your to-do list that day. The goal is to find what works for you and continue to refine it as necessary.”

Keara led us through a simple flow to get our bodies ready to take on the day!

Images by Brogen Jessup

After we got our bodies stretched and energized, we took a quick snack break before heading into our Panel conversation Normalizing Fear in Pivoting, Growth, Connection and Success with these powerhouse women: Peyton Robertson of BayBird Inc. PRSarah Foster of Bad Bad JewleryRochelle Jaleh of Archive Rentals, and  Elizabeth Schott from Accion!

Images by Rise Photo

Once the panel was over, we dispersed into our Breakout Sessions. Each track had their own designated lineup of workshops that complimented each other, being taught by some of the most powerful women in their brands and industries.

Tory Dube spearheaded the Track One sessions with her workshop Stepping into New Roles of Leadership, Wealth, and Impact, followed by Identify Real Clients, Not Make Believe Avatars with Hilary Hartling, and myself wrapping everything up with my workshop The Ultimate Level of a Customer’s Experience.

Images by Yolanda Diaz

In Track Two, Connect, Crosby Noricks led the way in Building Your Brandifesto, followed by Content that Builds Community for You with Brandi Schutt, and Strategies to Build Trust and Sell Through Email with Lauren Zink.

Images by Yolanda Diaz

Ash Robinson led the first workshop in Track Three, Engage, How to Build a Team that Supports Your Vision, followed by Leading the Culture Charge with Sarah Panis, and Chaos to Clarity with Lyndsey Clements.

Images by Yolanda Diaz

Once we wrapped up our final workshops and everyones minds were buzzing from information, we got back together for one last powerful message on how to work through our limiting beliefs.

Once you make the decision to show up for yourself and take one step, I want you to realize that one step is 1% change and over time that adds up to something HUGE! If you’re experiencing some major limiting beliefs, here is an easy exercise we did the day of the conference that you can do at home:

  1. Grab a piece of paper and put a line down the middle

  2. On one side write “Truths” and on the other write “Lies”

  3. Start to fill in what you know to be true and the lies you keep telling yourself about that truth

  4. When you’ve filled out the page, RIP out the “Lie” column. YES literally RIP the paper!!

  5. Throw it away, burn it, bury it, do whatever it takes to just get RID of it and post your “Truths” somewhere you can look at them everyday for motivation.

Taking just this one small step towards pushing past your own self made limitations, open you up to the endless possibilities of the future.

Image by    Brogen Jessup

Image by Brogen Jessup

We have had some of the most incredible responses from our community, asking and wondering when our next conference is. I promise you, things are in the works. Stay tuned for more opportunities to connect, learn, and grow with us by following us on Instagram @hatchedcollective and checking in on our Events Calendar!

I want to take a moment to thank all of our amazing volunteers, photographers, speakers, workshop facilitators, and sponsors for all of their support to make this conference happen!


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Brogen Jessup , Megan Branlund of Rise Photo, Yolanda Diaz


Bethany Wymore of Soul Church

Keara Christine of Babes Who Sweat

Peyton Robertson of Bay Bird PR

Rochelle Jaleh of Archive Rentals

Sarah Foster of Bad Bad Jewlery

Elizabeth Schott of Accion


Tory Dube

Hilary Hartling                         

Crosby Noricks of PR Couture

Brandi Schutt

Lauren Zink of Tiny, Happy, Empire

Ash Robinson of Fit 4 Mom

Sarah Panis of Gritty Movement

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