Having the Courage to Make the First Step!

I think we all struggle with having the courage to take that first step.

The one that pushes us past our comfort zone. The one that might makes us fail (or succeed) at something. BUT, if you were to take  the one question we all ask ourselves, "what could happen if I said yes?" and change it to "what could happen is I said NO?" we will know for sure whether it's worth taking that first step.

Let me now give you an example.

When I first started thinking about opening Hatched, I had about 4 friends in San Diego. I had no idea which neighborhood would work for this concept. I had two small kiddos at home, I didn't have the money to open a brick and mortar and I was scared to death.

So for months, I went down the path of questioning "What would happen if I open this place and it fails?"

The answers were pretty dramatic.

I would go in debt. I would spend less time with my kids. I will be paying for full time care for those littles. I might never have someone walk in the door and my ego would be blown.

So, I changed that question around and asked myself, "What would happen if I DON'T open?" And to be honest, these answers were way more detrimental to me; I would never know if it could work. I would lose my mind staying at home. I would be extremely depressed and spending way more on therapy than if I didn't at least try.

I can tell you, making that first step is always worth it.

Even if your step leads to failure, it leads to experience. It gives you more to share and help you become an expert.

You have to just try whatever it is you are thinking about. Get it off your mental plate. IT IS SO SO SO WORTH IT! I promise!

You will never find your joy and passion if it lives in your head and there's no action!

Here's to taking first steps!

Sending support to each and everyone of you for braving this crazy world in order to follow your dreams!

Love you all!