Don't Treat Your Business Like It's The First Date!

When dreaming up our future business, imagining the possibilities of what it could be, we automatically jump to "Well, how will I make money at this?"

So I want to ask you a question: Would you walk into a first date and say, "Are you ready to commit to me today, and get married tomorrow? How much are you willing to spend on me?"

Well, NO! (Or at least I hope not!)

Your business baby is like any other relationship, but it's a bit more personal.  We are putting our hearts out there for others to either like or dislike.

You have to nurture it, care for it, and take on qualities of the person that can run it. THIS TAKES TIME!!

If you jump in Day 1 focused on making money right away, it's like expecting the guy to not only buy you dinner on your first blind date (which he should!), but also expecting him to buy you a ring next month, a house the month after that, and kids in 6 months!! I mean, come on! We all think that's a little crazy, so why don't we look at business this way?

Like any other sustainable relationship, you want to walk in with curious eyes.

Who is this person? What do they stand for? Do I LIKE THEM? Will they be a good parent? Are they responsible and do they align with MY values?

Same goes for business, the imagination phase in the beginning is all about curious eyes. It's about walking in with wonder and amazement, having fun, and figuring out if this business is the right fit for YOU!

Once you realize, "Yeah I LIKE this - This aligns with who I am, this makes me happy, and I can see a future in this," you can then move to Phase 2: Implementation.

In a relationship this might mean, moving in together, buying a dog,  or sharing your finances. You might hire therapist, ask others for advice to work through some issues, or you might need to learn about each other more to live together. You might have to sacrifice of few of your WANTS in order to be with this person, but you STILL are not MARRIED!!! Following me?

In business, this might mean booking clients, testing the waters, seeing if it's still a good fit. You might need to tweak some things. You might find yourself learning new things, taking classes, hiring a coach, or asking for support. Maybe it's outsourcing a few projects you don't like, or are not good at. But, you are still in the nurturing phase and always asking yourself whether it still aligns with your values. Ask yourself, "Am I staying true to my WHY?"

If you want to have anything that lasts, you have to work on it, take care of it, and BE the person it needs you to be in order to have it.

LOVE the process and above all else, GIVE IT TIME!! If you treat it with respect and give it it's chance to grow, it will in turn give you the best gift you've ever received.

If you're looking for some answers and want to get focused, check out our next set of work sessions. Or if you're looking for one on one coaching, let me know! I am here for you either way to inspire you to live your best life!