Do You Run Your Business Like Disney?

It might be easier than you think!

But it definitely takes a little courage. Here’s what we mean…

Our Disney Vacation:

Jordan loves animals (especially monkeys), so when we visited Orlando for vacation, a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom was on our must-do list. Animal Kingdom, like most Disney Parks, is divided into sections. In this case, it’s divided into two major sections: Asia and Africa. For now, that’s it, and between the shows and attractions, it’s plenty to fill an entire day.

The Conversation We Heard:

While walking through the park in the late afternoon, we overheard an interesting conversation taking place between a park employee and a guest. The Disney employee was explaining that Animal Kingdom has plans to expand the park to more sections and include more experiences beyond just Asia and Africa. Specifically, he mentioned adding Egypt next.

That’s it. That’s all we overheard.

And then it consumed us for the next hour.

Because buried in that quick snippet was a business principle of arguably the most successful entertainment and client experience organization in the entire world. Ever.

What We Realized About Disney:

In that moment, we realized something: If the team at Disney had tried to have it ALL figured out, tried to anticipate EVERY possible opportunity before it built the park, they wouldn't have built anything at all. They’d still be planning and designing and dreaming.

But that’s not what Disney did, and it’s not what Disney does.

Disney's success is based on giving people the best experience they possibly can with what they’ve got at the start, knowing they're as good as they can be in that moment, knowing they're going to be better in the future, and being content with both.

That’s the key: being content with both.

How to Pursue Excellence... While Chasing a Dream

While we were there, we saw rides being repaired. We saw new rides being built. We saw sections of the park that hadn’t been as successful as they’d hoped being replaced by new experiences people will like more.

Does that mean Disney doesn’t pursue excellence in everything they do? Of course not! They pursue (and in most cases achieve) excellence in every area of their business. That should be the goal after all, right?

But what they do amazingly well is starting in the first place — and going from there.

Why We Struggle With This:

To be honest, we struggle with that in our business, because we’re recovering perfectionists.

Maybe you are, too. Sometimes, what keeps us from starting on a new idea is we think in order to start, we have to already know exactly how it’s going to be finished.

The truth is, we don’t. Walt Disney didn’t.

Here's the REAL Truth

As one of the signs stated in DisneyWorld in multiple locations: Let’s never forget that this whole thing started with a mouse.

How true is that?

If Walt Disney would’ve tried to predict what Disney would ultimately become before Mickey Mouse made his first appearance on paper (much less a screen), Mickey Mouse would’ve never happened at all — and neither would Disney.

Now, most small business owners will never be as big as Disney. So, what’s the lesson for your business and ours?



If you’ve been holding back. If you’ve been feeling scared. If you’ve been hiding behind perfect plans. If you’ve been worried you don’t have enough _______________.


So you can start.

And then be more like Disney, by giving today’s clients the most magical experience possible with however much pixie dust you have, and then be just a little bit better tomorrow.

Don't Forget This Part!

Because remember…

The goal isn’t to be perfect. It’s to be on the arc that bends towards perfection, fighting to get there, accepting that you never will, but knowing that you’re always getting closer anyways.

A business that isn’t constantly growing is dying. Embrace the growth.

Just be as good as you can be in today’s moments knowing you’ll be better in tomorrow’s. Then, be content with both.

We’re proud of you, friend, and we’re cheering you on… with every sprinkle of pixie dust along the way.