The Freedom to Be Who You Are

Can you believe that we’re already almost halfway through January?! 

And you know what January means for most of us? Making a ton of broken promises for the start of a new year. A million things written down to do, to be and to change about ourselves. Well, I call bullshit on this! I don’t like it one bit. I love the start of a new year, but you don't need to change who you are just because it says it is Jan. 1 of a new year.

We always look forward on what’s to come and what could be, instead of reflecting back on how far we’ve already come! I bet you anything you have come so far over the past year - I know I have. 

So, instead of talking about how you can make the most of this year, I want to talk to you about how you can make the most of TODAY. The first thing to do though is this: write down everything you did over the past year, everything you accomplished and what steps you made (no matter how small!). 


The reason people make big promises at the beginning of the year and fail miserably at hitting them within the first month is this:

Mental patterns and habits you’ve created over time, do not go away because you’ve decided at January 1st you’re going to change. Reprogramming your mind and adding in new habits take time, which is what we all hate. We are impatient and want to see results right away, but what this does is overwhelm us and eventually we disappointment ourselves. But, let’s change that, ok?

Our minds can only take in so much, so this has to be a gradual process if we want to see substantial and long lasting change. I have had an immense year of growth and a few lessons I am taking with me into 2019 is this: 

  1. If I am not whole, nothing in my life feels good. Working out, moving my body, focusing on what matters, asking for what I need, asking for help and am not comparing my success to others, makes every area in my life thrive. 

  2. Limiting beliefs are brutal and can take us down to our knees. The recurring thought that I can’t charge more for my services has been a big one for me. The moment I had a financial strategist ask me if I was going to continue to run a charity or if I am going to finally charge what I am worth is when it hit me hard. I can either commit to ME or I quit. I can’t say I want something if I am not willing to align my actions with it, so I have committed. It is scary but it feels really powerful.

  3. Instagram Followers do not equate to sales. The more I scroll, the worse I feel and the more I compare other’s numbers to mine. There’s Strategy to connect and build the audience of your dreams (meaning they will BUY from you) or there’s tricks to get NUMBERS of followers to “create” influence. SO, here’s the deal.....everyone has their own way of building their audience, I just want you to know that even though someone has 10k, 20k , 100k followers does not always mean they have spent the amount of time it takes to really cultivate and serve that community. After working so hard to create my community online, I am still learning to not let it bother me when I see it. 

  4. Creating an environment that supports my most powerful self is a must. My house needs to be organized, I need to have space to work that is easy, doable and a place I can walk into that I don't’ have to pull out of 5 different drawers in order for me to be productive. 

  5. Surrounding myself with people that think differently than me will always make me more successful than being the leader of the group. We teach when we are the leader of the group, but we learn when we are challenged by others.


So friend, how can you make the most of TODAY?


One of the most crucial things to do to allow ourselves to have the freedom to be US is to map out our values and what is most important to us.

Check out my Values Worksheet to map out what you value most - trust me, some things you will already know and others you will probably surprise yourself on how much they mean to you!


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