What Is Your Why?

Today I am sharing a synopsis of an inspirational podcast given by Katie O'Selvidge from Cottage Hill Magazine about finding your WHY in business. She calls it Assured & Well.  It's been a huge help to me and I'm hoping it will be for you too! 

I feel like we need to check in with ourselves and our business every so often to make sure we are still on track and in alignment with what it is we started. Whether it be a career move, a side business, a full time job or a relationship. We always need to check in and evaluate.....does this fit with my life, my vision, my purpose and most importantly my WHY! What does success look like to YOU?

When you're ready to do this here's a few tips on checking in and getting clear. Take the time to really think about these questions though. This takes, turning off your phone, getting quiet and removing yourself from distractions. 

1.  What do you hold onto the closest in your business? what is the thing that shines to you? The thing that means the most? 

2. NOW...imagine, you wake up one morning and its all gone. ALL of it. No more appointments on your calendar, no more website, no more social media following, your clients are not calling, literally all of your should's have dissapeared. NOTHING is left of your business. 

3. How does this make you FEEL? Think of the state of your business or your brand without ALL OF THAT CRAP, how does that feel? Like, really really feel? Angry? Relief? Sad? Happy? 

4. Ok, so now, What would you DO with this new blank space? Not what you THINK you should do, what would you WANT to do?? what would feel good, fun, a relief..what would MOTIVATE you to wake up the next day? 

5. Now take that answer and ask WHY x 5? For example, my answer was, I would want to run away and go on a trip to an island somewhere (this used to be very accessible in my previous life!). 

WHY?: Because I would want a change of scenery, not to be stuck in what just happened. 

WHY?:Because changing my scenery makes me feel ALIVE! 

WHY?: Adventure and someplace or something new fills me up. Makes me feel like i have a challenge 

WHY?: I like the unknown. I like to not always have predictability and monotony in my life. 

WHY?: Because the unknown keeps me thinking and creative. 

So........my why in the business and i believe in my life is to be CREATIVE. I can't lose that. I always have to reference back to this and make sure I am filling up my creativity cup when making decisions in my business. I also believe that the things that aren't creative in my business, have to either be done in a creative new way each time or I need to hire someone that can do it for me. Finding others to fulfill the places in your business that make you want to run as far as humanly possible, should be handed over. You will not keep thriving if you try and wear all the hats! 


Love you all! Hope this helped and thanks for reading!!!