4 Sessions of Business Coaching


4 Sessions of Business Coaching


This coaching program is an intensive 4 week, 90 minute on-one-on sessions. It's only for the entrepreneur who actually wants to see a transformation in her business and life. You can apply online, there will only be 4 spots opening up quarterly. 


This program is where you will find the hands on tools to break through barriers and make a difference in your life.  

It's combining not only everything I have learned along the way, but also coaching other women wanting to make big shifts in their life and mindset. 


If you know me or have been following for any period of time...

You know I will provide a supportive space to be exactly who you are and honor your own process, but I will also give it to you straight with what you need to do to get where you want to go.


The program is loaded:

  • What is my "why"? In business and life
  • Success: what does it look like to me?
  • What is the value of my time?
  • How should I brand my business?


Walk away with a detailed plan for your year and tools on how to move forward beyond our sessions. 


Wonder if you're a good fit for these sessions? Let's jump on a quick call to answer your questions!



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