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Are you ready to make instagram work for you? 

Join Hatched Collective Founder, Katie Saffert as she has formulated an incredible workshop to make Instagram work for you! 

So much of our life seems to be dictated by this little app. For so many, it seems this app leads us down a rabbit hole of comparison mind games and unproductive time usage.  Katie has created this workshop to teach you the tips & tricks to maintain those social media boundaries, market your business, and ultimately get yourselves OFF Instagram to focus on your business & other areas of life.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Clear Purpose for your Account and a definitive WHY to using Instagram. 
  • You’ll Know what Your Style is and how to make people feel and connect with YOU
  • Tools to tune your profile into your Business Card and new website
  • You’ll be able to speak directly to your Ideal Client and know who they are. 
  • You’ll find out The Nitty Gritty of hashtags, tagging and collaborations. 
  • Get tips & tricks on how to create beautiful and thoughtful posts and Instagram stories.
  • Learn to create boundaries and tools to make it work for YOU!
  • Get a custom 30-day Instagram content calendar with all of your posts upcoming planned and ready to go!

If this sounds amazing, it's because it REALLY is!

If you're ready to take your Instagram to the next level, check out Calendar for the next scheduled Bootcamp!