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H A T C H E D - WORK SESSIONS - Encinitas, CA

Ladies, I see you sitting there in your jammies, at your kitchen table, pondering your ideas and wishing someone was sitting next to you! I see you reach out to someone on social media for advice and find yourself in a web of comparison to everyone else doing what it is you're sitting there thinking about. I've been there, I've done it for years, I know. After being self employed for over 10 years now, I GET IT! 

I've heard your call! H A T C H E D is on an adventure North and we are coming for you!! Let's leave our phones at the door and crack open our creativity, generate a ton of ideas for one another and all leave unstuck in our upcoming WORK SESSIONS. Let's leave feeling positive and optimistic about what's possible for our business, new idea and venture. 

We will use the brilliance + power of connection with other women to help break through a challenge, a place you are stuck or an idea that needs new life! 


Sakura Bloom    

Encinitas, CA • July 12 + 19 + 26

9:30am - 1:30pm


Each Work Session will begin with a special bad ass Creative Lady Entrepreneur motivating you to get the juices flowing and followed by a meal to sit and connect with your new collaborators!  I cannot wait for these and can feel the power of what's to come ladies!!!