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Women Empowering Women- Niko Everett- OWN YOUR OWN WORTH--FREE FOR MEMBERS

I am beyond excited to have Niko Everett join us at Hatched for our Women Empowering Series. 

Niko is an expert and an unshakeable advocate and speaker for women’s leadership. She has spent the last 20 years working with thousands of women and girls all over the world through innovative and progressive programs. She has been acknowledged for her accomplishments by NPR, named by The Silicon Valley Business Journal as a “40 Under 40” social innovator and Fast Company magazine’s Social Capitalist Award. Niko co-founded Young Women Social Entrepreneurs, a national non-profit executive membership organization promoting women with socially-conscious agendas into leadership.

Niko’s been a Tedx speaker and been featured in Newsweek, The Washington Post, The San Jose Mercury News and a bunch of other awesome publications.



The first thing to know is that our success doesn’t correlate with our skill, it correlates with our confidence about our skill. So if you're serious about playing at a higher level, you’re gonna want to come on July 18th. Know Your Worth is gonna be a wild 90 minutes, so get ready to:

  • Learn why women’s brains are hardwired to make even the most accomplished women feel like frauds

  • Notice, track, and retrain your self-doubt mind into an expert mind

  • Experiment with being your own guru

  • Use what’s most unique (read: quirky) about you as your secret weapon

  • Stop doing the 5 most common things women do in their communication to undercut your value

  • Create clear next steps that feel brave + risky

  • Create a momentum + action plan to ask for more sales or more cash

Come ready to go all in, support each other to kick old habits to the curb, and take some serious risks together.

This work is most successful done in partnership. Bring someone with you who also wants to take bold brave steps in their business and you will hold each other accountable afterwards!