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$45 per couple

There is nothing out there that compares to feeding your baby! All of our journeys look a tad different, some filled with lots of laughs, lots of tears or a mixture of both. Some filled with lots of pumping, lots of bottles and lots of stained shirts. We want to arm any expecting Mamas out there with the best support possible, so this class is for YOU.

If you are an expecting Mama, grab your partner and sign up for our Preparing to Breastfeed class with Michelle Clookie, CLEC.

This 2.5hr class will walk you through all the tools, resources and support you will need to have a breastfeeding relationship that works for you and your family. Michelle guarantees a good with lots and lots of laughs! 

You will walk away with the knowledge of:

- What to expect within the first two weeks of bringing home your babe  

- Positioning and getting the correct latch 

- the myths and truths of Breastfeeding 

- what Breastfeeding supplies to have

-What to expect and how to prepare for returning to work

****And each person will leave understanding what their Breastfeeding plan is with their partner