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Back to Basics : The Power of Simplicity

Back to Basics : The Power of Simplicity

by Hannah Abad of Prime Collaborative


August 24th : 9am-12pm

Hatched Collective Studio

3536 Adams Avenue, San Diego, CA 92116

You know that person who has a powerful story and incredible strengths to share? The one who has a vision and passion for impacting the world in their own unique way? And yet....they're stuck. Or busy taking one step forward and two steps back. Distracted and overwhelmed by "all the things", all the messages flooding in every day of what they "should" be doing.

They are juggling a million plates that are keeping them from living out their core mission. Is that you? It's time to set down the plates. To take a MASSIVELY deep breath....and get back to the basics. I'm here to help you move out of overwhelm into clarity and calm, and guess what? That creates the necessary space for your superpowers to SHINE.

Join me for a few dynamic hours of mindset work and strategy, hot-seat coaching for real breakthrough, and take home tools for staying the course. Leave refreshed and renewed in what you are all about and how to "keep the main thing the main thing."

What will you walk away with?

  • Time freedom

  • Mental clarity

  • Honed vision

  • Strategy for your peak performance

How will I get you there?

  • Hot-seat coaching - if you're really ready to claim your freedom back, hop into the hot-seat for transformational coaching

  • Mind-set work - shifting your mindset from what you're "supposed" to do to what you NEED to do

  • Take-home tools to keep you focused on long-term change