Google Analytics Workshop (6/26)

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Google Analytics Workshop (6/26)


June 26th

10:00AM - 12:30PM



Hatched Collective

3536 Adams Avenue

San Diego, CA 92116

Join digital marketing expert Lyndsay Clements for a workshop on how to drive more qualified traffic to your website to support your business goals. Learn how to look at specific screens within your Google Analytics to see what’s working, and where you have opportunities. During this session, you will learn:


·     An overview of Google Analytics and some simple KPIs to monitor


·     Where your traffic is coming from today using Google Analytics


·     What channel (Social, Email, etc) is providing the best website visitors so you know where to allocate your time


·     What SEO means for your website and a few simple ways to improve this to start seeing success



This workshop is for those who want to understand the basics and walk away with specific ways that SEO and Google Analytics can help drive their business decisions.


Bring your laptop and questions and learn how to leverage your data and drive success!

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