What are work sessions, Anyway? 

HATCHED Collective offers a three-part workshop called Work Sessions designed to cultivate your big ideas and find your focus, without the stress and anxiety of, "What the heck am I supposed to be doing?" We want to make sure that you are left feeling inspired and confident in your newest venture.



At these Work Sessions, we define three main components in developing your big idea, brand, or personal growth goals:

VISION: Where do you see your brand in a year? Two years? 10 years? A month! Can you picture it? 

VALUES: What do you stand for? What's your motivation? WHY are you doing what you do?

VOICE: How do you communicate to your ideal client? What tone should you use? What is your brand personality?

If you need answers to any of these questions, this work session series is for you. When you take the time to define and communicate your values, vision and voice of your brand it will create excitement and engagement within a community that will naturally be drawn to you.

This set of work sessions is designed to hone in on your brand's vision, values and voice. Whether you already have an established business, or planning to start a side hustle, this course will leave you with motivation, inspiration, and a clear understanding of what your game plan is!


"Katie's workshops are so motivating! I was ready to take on the world!"